10 Rituals To Elevate The Quality Of Your Life

10 Rituals To Elevate The Quality Of Your Life

Rituals can be any activity done with intention and meaning.        
Rituals can reinforce and celebrate what's important to you by putting your interests, values and passions into practice. Regularly carrying out your much-loved rituals will help you to feel happier, grateful and content with your life.
Rituals can facilitate change, unlock your creativity and potential, deepen your social connections and generally boost your quality of life.

If you're stuck in a never ending rut of running day-to-day on auto-pilot, or feel like you're not doing as many enjoyable things as you'd like, feel inspired with some of our favourite rituals below.

Start a gratitude journal

You don't have to be good at writing to do this. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and simply write down anything that you feel thankful for each day. Cuddles with your pet, a walk in the sunshine, a night out with friends. Reaffirm and fill your mind with positivity. Look back through your notebook in times of stress to realise all the wonderful things in your life. 

Create a relaxing bedtime ritual

Falling into bed late at night with your mind stuffed to the brim with racing thoughts? Endless to-do lists and worries swirling around your brain? Sleep seems oh so hard to reach? Often, this happens when we haven't properly decompressed from the day and allowed our body and mind to fully switch off. 

Find joy in a bedtime routine and honour it each evening as an important step in ensuring a restful sleep. Enjoy a therapeutic salt bath, slow down and focus on deep breathing during your evening skincare routine (and why not include a Relax & Restore night oil massage too), brew a calming tea, diffuse some essential oils, or wind down by listening to an interesting podcast. It's all about creating a soothing ritual that you can carry out each day that's going to help you find some rest and respite from the day. 

Visit your favourite nature spot 

Do you have a favourite park, beach, riverbank or forest that instantly makes you feel calm and detached from stress? If so, make a habit of going there more often. Leave your devices at home and let the sounds of nature - gentle waves, babbling brooks, rustling leaves, bird songs - relax you. See it as an opportunity to practice some meditative mindfulness in your favourite tranquil surroundings.

The ritual of reading

Even if it's just 15 minutes a day! It can open your mind and provide a sense of escapism. Although we love a good old-self development book, sometimes it can be beneficial to read something that is so far removed from your everyday life that it truly helps your mind to switch off. Harry Potter anyone? 

Transform your mornings by having a Miracle Morning. This can have such a powerful effect on the rest of your day! You won't regret it. 

Dedicated time with family and friends

Setting out and sticking to dedicated days to enjoy seeing your loved ones can be so beneficial for your wellbeing. Coffee dates, a delicious dinner out, a glass of wine, a lovely walk...get it in your diaries and make it a regular, ritualistic thing. If you've got a partner, scheduling quality time for each other is equally as important. You can be living with someone but not spending any quality time with that person! Start carving out an evening each week to do something nice together or find a couple of hours here and there during the week. 

Have device-free day each week 

Perhaps on a Sunday or one evening in the week, completely switch off your phone and laptop. Disconnect to reconnect! It will feel strange at first but it will be so worth it. Stick to it and see how it benefits your mental health.  

Try incorporating regular exercise into your week

Even if this is simply going for a short walk around your local park each lunchtime, having a bedtime yoga practice, or squeezing in a couple of gym sessions each week. Exercise releases endorphins and is a surefire way to help you feel great. 

Plan out a day each week to try out a new recipe 

Lazy Sundays spent mindlessly scrolling through your phone? Get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen instead! Find some inspo in our article on the best foods for glowing skin.

Try a little meditation each day

This doesn't mean having to sit cross-legged on the floor, you could try it on your morning commute. You can find stillness in your mind as you have a relaxing bath. Even as you hang up the washing! You get the idea. Mediation is anything that's done with intention and presence, finding peace and quiet and allowing your thoughts to come and go without any judgement. Discover our favourite meditation apps that can help.   

Here at Green & Well, we much prefer the joy of rituals over dull routines!

Enjoy the new Relax & Restore night oil as a ritual of self-care after a busy day. It's full of beautiful, botanical, natural and organic ingredients that will help you to feel restored and rejuvenated in both the body and mind. The perfect accompaniment to help you to de-stress before bed. 

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What are some of your favourite rituals to build a more meaningful life?

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