Ancient Beauty Rituals: The Benefits Of Gua Sha

Ancient Beauty Rituals: The Benefits Of Gua Sha

A centuries-old Ancient Chinese Medicine technique, Gua Sha is a self-care practice that you can do from the comfort of your own home, as part of your daily skincare routine.

What are the benefits?

The gentle strokes applied from the stone stimulate the lymphatic system and boost blood circulation, removing toxins, rejuvenating the complexion, and allowing skincare products to better absorb.

It's an extremely relaxing and meditative ritual that can help you to destress from the pressures of a busy day. Stress can really show up in your face, particularly if it's prolonged, so this is a great practice to help you to unwind.

Research suggests that the Gua Sha technique can boost microcirculation in the face by up to 400% (!) and can help to brighten dull, lacklustre skin, encourage collagen production, define your jawline and help to prevent and smooth fine lines.

Glow from the inside-out

This powerful little tool works from the inside-out, as the gentle pressure of the strokes will begin to relax your face muscles (great if you clench your jaw in your sleep!) and release any tension. We recommend repeating each stroke around 4-5 times to feel the benefits. 

The concept behind Gua Sha is to redirect energy flow and break down any stagnant energy that's been building up, to make way for a rejuvenated, restored body and mind. 

How often/when should I do it? 

It's best to use a Gua Sha tool after cleansing, combined with a silky beauty oil to allow the jade stone to glide easily over the face whilst the oil sinks in and nourishes the skin.  

The technique only takes about a minute at a time and can be done morning, night or whenever you fancy a little self-care! It also makes for a lovely, caring ritual to practice on a loved one. 

Top tip!

We particularly love Gua Sha for its ability to de-puff and soothe the eye area and find it so cooling and refreshing on the skin after it's been popped in the fridge to chill overnight. Make sure you are feather light in your touch around the eyes so you don't damage your skin.  

The ritual


Have you experienced the benefits of this ancient beauty ritual?

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