Self-Care Reminders For A Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

Self-Care Reminders For A Healthy Body, Mind And Soul


Here are some mini self-care reminders you can ask yourself if you find you're struggling at the moment, to help you get back on track emotionally, physically, and mentally. Remember, a healthy glow starts from within! 

⁣Are you getting enough Zzz?⁣ Prioritising sleep is such a game-changer for your overall wellbeing. Sleep is one of the greatest healers and glow-givers of all. Try going to bed earlier each night and monitor the difference this will make. 

When was the last time you cooked a healthy meal? ⁣Nutrition has a big influence on the state of your mood, energy levels and of course the health of your skin. The best way we can approach nutrition is to maintain a healthy balance as best as we can, and remember - we all need a little indulgence from time to time! 

Will this really matter a year from now?⁣ Always a good one to ask when you find yourself excessively worrying over something. The answer is usually, no!

When was the last time you made time to reflect on everything?⁣ What changes would you like to make moving forward, what areas of your life are you really happy with and wouldn't change for the world, what new things would you like to start doing? Making time for reflection can be transformational. 

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Hello dreamy face oil massage with Calm Oils! Simply run yourself a relaxing bath, flop out in front of the TV, do some yoga, go out and buy ice-cream, whatever it is that is going to help you feel good!

Are you getting outside/moving your body?⁣ Exercise is a miracle worker if you're feeling low. Get those endorphins pumping around your body and enjoy the buzz of working out! You're guaranteed feel great afterwards. 

Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?⁣ Take a step back and think about the things you might say if a friend came to you with the problem you're dealing with. Think about the way you would support them, the advice you might offer or how you might help relieve their stress. Now, say those things to yourself!

Do you need to let go and make light of the situation? ⁣Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves or the situation and it will instantly help. 

Is there a positive change you can make if you’re stressed about something?⁣ After you've allowed yourself time to worry/feel stressed (because we need to allow ourselves the time to feel what we feel), think about the positive, actionable steps you can take or what you can learn from the situation to help you move things forward.

Are you following positive content online? Follow accounts that interest you, educate you, inspire you, pick you up and boost your confidence. It's healthy to have a regular 'detox' from social media, but it's also great to have a clear out of who you're actually following to make sure whenever you do open up that app you're going to be hit with positivity. 

What little reminders do you ask yourself when things get on top of you?

Amy x

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