Why Your Skin & Mental Health Are So Connected

Why Your Skin & Mental Health Are So Connected

We've all been there. Deadlines at work, late nights, family commitments and social engagements can all have a knock-on effect on how we maintain our healthy lifestyle habits and self-care routines. As we head back out 'into the wild', our calendars are getting booked up once more (hurrah!), and the pace of life is going to be turned up a notch or two. Let's check-in with ourselves to make sure the health of our skin and the health of our mind doesn't have to suffer.

The Impact Of Stress

High stress usually means that you're spending less time nourishing yourself with 'the good stuff' for your body and mind. It also results in a spike in cortisol levels (aka the stress hormone), which, if prolonged, can have a real damaging effect on your overall health, and in turn the health of your skin. High cortisol can lead to an overproduction of your natural skin sebum (oil) which can trigger those angry stress spots. 

Our bodies are built to release cortisol to respond to stress, however, when this is prolonged it's essentially like your body is in a constant state of fight-or-flight mode, which can lead to a suppressed immune system and all sorts of skin health complications. Stress and anxiety can trigger an inflammatory response in the body, which increases the chances of weakening the skin.

The knock-on effect of chronic stress on your skin can result in a breeding ground for breakout bacteria, dullness, loss of elasticity, dehydration...the list goes on. Yikes!

Calm Skin From Within

The best thing you can do to enjoy calm skin from within is to take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. We'll be honest, it's no good slathering yourself in expensive lotions and potions to try to resolve skin issues if you're not also focusing on other areas of improving your skin health, such as your nutrition and sleeping habits. It's a whole-body process. 

Take Care Of Your Mind

Emotional tension in your body will show up psychologically but physically too. Studies into the effects of stress as a causative factor in psoriasis showed that about half of participants said their first experience with the disease came during a particularly difficult time in their lives, while 63% said their symptoms worsened when they felt anxious or under pressure (1). 

It's so important to try and carve out time for activities during stressful periods that will help ease the heaviness that high pressure can bring; a 15 minute walk to clear your thoughts, grabbing half an hour to yourself in the evening for a bath, trying out that meditation app you've been reading about, going to bed earlier to read, simply saying 'no', whatever feels right for you. 

Skincare That Can Help

There are a variety of nutrient-dense, natural skincare ingredients that can support you on your mission to de-stress your skin. Plant-based, bioactive ingredients can help to balance out your skin's natural oil (sebum) production levels, which can go a little crazy when you're stressed.

The new Relax & Restore night oil from Green & Well is the perfect botanical oil delivery-system to deeply nourish and balance your skin and mind with calming, antioxidant-packed ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile Extract and Black Cumin. It's a wonderful addition to your holistic self-care routine to help you achieve that radiant, glowing complexion. Pre-order now with 15% off using code LAUNCH15.

Have you noticed how stress affects your skin health? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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