6 Tips To Unwind + Sleep Better

6 Tips To Unwind + Sleep Better

Have you been struggling to sleep recently? With many of us working from home more often now, it can be difficult to signal a clear end to the working day. 

We've rounded up our top 6 self-care tips and tricks to help you to relax in the PM, so you'll be on your way to Snoozeville in no time...

1. Turn off your phone earlier in the evening 

It can be easy for the evening to pass you by as you spend hours scrolling through endless puppy photos on Instagram (guilty!), but that harsh blue light being emitted through your phone screen is a sure-fire way to trick your brain into thinking it should remain active. Switch your phone off earlier in the evening or leave it in another room, perhaps before dinner, to signal a clear distinction between your active time and downtime. 

2. Enjoy an Epsom salt bath

Health and wellness experts have been touting the benefits of Epsom salt baths for years. Made up of a naturally occurring compound of minerals including magnesium and sulphate, salt baths help to relax your muscles, improve blood circulation, soothe skin inflammation and work wonders at promoting a night of restful sleep, by reducing stress and anxiety. Don't just take our word for it, pop down to your local chemist and grab a bag to try for yourself this evening, they are inexpensive and the benefits are endless.  

3. Brew a calming Chamomile tea  

Studies have long shown that chamomile tea can help to lift a low mood, ease irritability and encourage restful sleep. It's commonly known as a mild sedative and sleep-inducer, helping a worried mind to switch off before bed. Its calming properties are thought to be linked to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is found in abundance in chamomile tea. Apigenin influences specific receptors in the brain to help reduce anxiety and insomnia. 

4. Diffuse some essential oils

Harness the magical power of essential oils to aid relaxation, lift your spirits and relieve stress. Combine a blend of soothing oils that act as a natural sedative, some of our favourite oils that can be used alone or in a blend are lavender, marjoram, chamomile, frankincense, bergamot, clary sage, cedarwood and patchouli. Turn your diffuser on in the evenings and fill your room with a beautifully calming aroma as you go about your bedtime routine. It's a great way to signal to your body and mind that it's time to shut off for the night. We particularly love using diffusers whilst we're reading in bed and find that the calming effects of the oils send us to sleep in no time! We recently put together a list of our favourite bedtime essential oils and their benefits here.  

5. Use a 100% silk sleep mask 

As our daylight hours are longer now that summer has arrived, it's a good idea to get yourself a 100% silk sleep mask to block out the light and ensure you're getting your 8 hours without struggling to fall asleep - or being woken up earlier than you wanted to. A silk sleep mask will not only feel soft and smooth around the delicate eye area, protecting it and reducing puffiness, it can also help to regulate your body temperature and moisture levels, which prevents dryness. Blocking out any light in your bedroom is a highly effective way of promoting restorative rest. 

6. Try a face and neck massage with oils

A meditative, relaxing practice to do as part of your evening skincare routine, a facial massage can be a game-changer at helping you to unwind in the evenings. We uncovered all of the benefits of a Gua Sha massage in our recent blog post, but put simply, the rhythmic strokes and pressure applied from the Gua Sha tool will help to relieve any tension you're holding in your face and neck, particularly good if you're feeling stressed or need to calm a racing mind. Used with a beautiful face oil (like the new Relax & Restore night oil) you'll be able to deeply nourish your skin whilst enjoying the ultimate de-stress ritual. 

What healthy habits do you practice to help you to unwind and sleep better? 

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