We believe transparency is essential. These are our promises to you.

100% Natural, Organic Wherever Possible
We strive to harness the power of natural and organic ingredients. The organic ingredients we use haven't been exposed to pesticides and fertilisers during the growing process. Not only does organic farming encourage environmental sustainability of the local land and animals, but research suggests that organic ingredients can offer higher levels of nutrients, which in turn helps to nurture your skin to its healthiest state. Our products are always 100% natural and the majority of ingredients are organic. 
Vegan & Cruelty-Free
None of our formulas will ever be tested on our furry friends. Our products are vegan, always. 
Formulated with you in mind
We wholeheartedly believe that 'the ingredients are the product' and live by this motto for every formulation we create at Green & Well. Each and every ingredient used has been carefully selected based on its efficacy and performance on both the skin and mind, to target specific concerns. All of our ingredients are cold-pressed, steam distilled or extracted for maximum potency. 
Ethical ingredient sourcing  
All ingredients are responsibly sourced from sustainable suppliers both locally and internationally. We will always maintain transparency about the ingredients used to formulate your products and offer clear, detailed information about this on the product listing page. All of our ingredients are compliant with the COSMOS standards.  
Sustainable, plantable packaging
Are you trying to be more quality-focused, socially and environmentally aware when you purchase beauty products from independent brands? If so we've got you covered. Your outer product cartons are made from biodegradable eco-paper using post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. You can plant the paper in a pot of soil and the seeds will grow whilst the paper composts away. All that is left behind is beautiful flowers! Find out more about planting and growing your seeds hereOur glass bottles, glass pipettes and plastic caps can taken apart, rinsed and recycled kerbside. The rubber squeeze tops on the oil bottles can be sent back to us for recycling, or your local recycling centre may accept them. We use 75% recycled postal boxes and 100% recycled t-shirt cotton notecards, plus FSC certified, acid-free soy-based ink tissue paper.  We will soon be introducing a refill option. 
Artisan production
Our botanical products are blended by hand in small batches using artisanal production methods, ensuring the product that lands in your hands is as fresh as possible and bursting with botanical, plant-based goodness.